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Monday, February 11, 2013

Almost a Race...

Yesterday was meant to mark the return to running by participating in the Vancouver First Half Marathon put on by the Pacific Road Runners - alas, due to the recurring injury, I transferred my entry to someone who was eager to run. I have been able to go out on two runs outside so far this year. Both being around 1.5kms, and both leaving me slightly unmotivated and slightly sore. My foot hasn't returned to normal, but I will take a more cautious approach to my training to make sure that I can run all the races that I have signed up for so far this year. I have signed up for some shorter distance races to start with a 5km, an 8km and I will run the 10km in Fargo. I was signed up for the Marathon, but I know that I won't be physically and mentally prepared for that race, and I think I will be putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I want to be prepared for the New York Marathon (assuming that I get in with Guaranteed Entry), and my goal is to work up to that, slowly.

The first "official" race for me this year is: West Van Run on March 3.


  1. Sorry you couldn't run the First Half, it was a lovely day out there. However, you totally made the right choice, deferring races now because of injury will make sure you can run lots of races later...

    1. You did amazing on your run on Sunday! Congratulations on your PR. Hope that we get to run together soon :)