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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goals for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

In two weeks time I would have finished the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon (I hope). It is a scary thought. It has come around way too quickly for my liking, and now that I am injured, I am a little disappointed that I might not do as well as I expected. So I thought that now would be as good as time as ever, to write down my goals for the marathon.
Goal 1:
To finish the marathon: I know that this seems pretty obvious, but now that I have an injured foot, the thought of running let alone completing a marathon, seems pretty far fetched. I really hope that my foot heals quickly, so that I can take part in it. I go for a long run tomorrow with the team, and if I am able to complete it then, I will continue on with my quest to run the full, if not, I will walk the full and change my corral. 
Goal 2:
To have fun and remain positive throughout the race: Having bands every mile, I think will contribute to how I feel throughout the race. I also want to feel the runners high, of completing something that I thought would not be possible (well for me anyway). I know that once I complete this marathon, I will have the faith that I can do anything. My friend suggested that I run through the pain and visualize each mile and how to tackle each mile. I can't think of anything past mile 13, but I know on the race day I will have a different point of view, and the adrenaline from being in a race, will make me incredibly happy =)
Goal 3
Not to finish last. (is that a bit insensitive?). That has always been my biggest fear when entering races, to end up last or being told that I am running too slow and that I won't be able to finish the race. I know the sense of reaching the finish line would be good enough, but not coming in last would be great! =) I have finished last in a swimming race before. It was the individual medley, and I was literally 2 laps behind the second last person. I had a standing ovation, and to me it felt like they were pitying me, I know that I should of been proud to complete it at all, but instead I was embarrassed (maybe I have grown up since then)......so hey if I finish last so be it, at least I tried my best!!!!
Goal 3
To enjoy my time away! I am really excited about where we are staying (The BF, W & I), and I am hoping that it will provide the much anticipated relaxation that I desperately need. I need to recharge my emotional batteries, and think that the time away will help. I will be spending time with ones that I enjoy being around (a few of the many whose company I enjoy) and it is a chance not to think about "work". 
Goal 4
To enjoy the festivities with my Team in Training mentees and group!! I am really excited about the Team Pasta Party and the Victory Dinner. It will close this chapter of Team in Training for me (until I compete in a Triathlon for them next year), a experience that I have really enjoyed.    
Goal 5
Shopping! I can't wait to go shopping after the Expo - thank god that we have a chauffeur to take us to any place that we want!!!

These  are my goals, I can't wait to write my race review and go through the goals that I achieved :)