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Monday, August 30, 2010

Finding MY Inspiration

After taking a few days off training after the last blog post, I have found a little more passion for running. My housemate kicked me into gear and we did some hill training and sprint training. Then my bf took charge and had me running to Trout Lake and back and running hills, including Prospect Hill, which I was finally able to run up. It has taking me two attempts at half marathons to run up it without stopping, which I have so far been unable to do. I completed it in my training run, and ambitious to do it a few more times before the summer season has rolled away for another year. Another thing that has given me new motivation is doing "fun" things during the summer period.
Last 3 Weeks in a Nutshell
I took time off from training to go to the beach with the housemates dogs:

It was fun to spend time frolicking on the beach with them, and took my mind off things that have been going on in my head. The transfer into my new job has been a bit overwhelming, so it was great to take some time out.

The following weekend my bf and I headed up to Whistler for a weekend getaway. It was so much fun, we didn't have enough time up there but we had fun looking at the sights and know what we want to when we get up there. We definitely want to do some more hiking up there, go canoeing and do some other adventure things. Here is a photo from the top of Blackombe mid hike:

Last weekend, my housemate and I competed in the Vancouver Chase, which is sort of like a large scavenger hunt around Vancouver. After figuring out some clues you had to find the place that the clue indicated and perform some tasks. I held a Tarantula,  ate pigs ear, was in an Army Bootcamp and was a fire woman for 10 minutes. It was perhaps the most strenuous thing that I have ever completed, and my body is hurting more then it did when I finished the Seattle Marathon some months ago. If I happen to do it again, I think that it would be wise to invest in a good street map, and perhaps a Blackberry or Iphone. I feel sorry for the BF after interrupting him constantly during the day to find answer to clues and directions on how to get there. After 6 hours and 2 minutes of constant movement we finally crossed the finish line!

After some much needed rest after a long and exhausting day I prepared myself for a concert on Sunday night, one that I have been waiting to see for a while. I met up with an old running friend Ali whom I met from Team In Training and we had a bit of a chat about running. I had been tossing up whether or not to run with my Nike chip or a watch in the next marathon. I found that it was so inaccurate and frustrating, when I thought I was getting close to the finish, I had a lot more to do. She said that she ran her last marathon without a watch and found it one of the funnest marathons she has run in. So I have ultimately decided that I won't run with a watch or my chip and perhaps just my Ipod, to keep me entertained on the out and back. After dinner we went to a concert:

It was one of the most amazing concerts that I have been to, and reminded me a lot of home. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see them, and if I get the opportunity to see them again I definitely will.

I will be taking a few days off before I get back into training, I am still very sore from Saturday, and I hope that I will be back into it by Wednesday. On the weekend I am starting a detox. I thought a long weekend would be a good time to start. I am determined to get healthy and fit by the time the next marathon comes along (eek only 7 weeks!!).

Take a look at my bf's blog here. It was a year long project and I am so impressed with how the photo's turned out (he is so hard on himself).

To my housemate, bf and Ali, thank you for inspiring me to get back on the running band wagon. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Running Rut

I am in a huge running rut, and I hope to get out of it soon, so that I can train for the Nike Women's Marathon. Something changed with my running goals after completing the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon, and I hope that I find my mojo soon. I am taking action, but not the action I should. I am eating more then exercising, and reading books on Zen Running, I need to find some inspiration and someone to give me a swift kick in the butt.