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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Told You I Was Lazy

Wow! It has been a while since I have written in this. I said I was lazy, so therefore I am. I kept telling myself that motivation is the key, but I got stuck in my thinking and found other things more entertaining, and hence, have neglected this blog. So here is my next attempt at writing so here goes.

The last time that I wrote I got new shoes. They are so amazingly white that my eyes almost burn looking at them. I am not going to lie. I have only worn them about 3 times. 2 of those times I was running (one of those times were in the rain, my delicious BF motivated me and we ran together!). So my training for the half marathon has ended in me pulling out of the half marathon and going down to the 10km instead. Am I angry at myself for not training. Yes! Did i know that this was going to happen yes...But in all entirity, I am injured. The cold weather is finally getting to me. It is pretty much the same problem that I had in Australia (those one or two times when the continent went into a cold snap!), when the Dr's thought that I had arthritis throughout my body, my bones and joints are sore, and particularly more so in the cold weather. I have invested in some good gloves and some water proofing spray for the shoes. I have also got wet wheather gear in the means of jacket and pants. I will complete the 10kms and then i will hit the gym for the inevitable.

I pledge to you, the one or two people who fall upon to this blog, that I will complete a full marathon next year. Will I do a record time. No! Will I be satisfied when I complete it? Yes! And I will be posting shortly the training schedule for the illusive marathon......and if anyone, would like to train virtually with me, that would be swell, that way I can keep on track.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Shoes & The Truth of the Matter

I conquered my fear of spending too much money on runners and successfully purchased one of the most comforatble pair of shoes that I have owned in a while. Yes they weren't the cheapest of the lot, nor do they seem all that appealing to the eye, but none the less I felt that after I put them on, I would be able to achieve anything that I put my mind to. I wanted to test the new found theory of mine, and on Saturday morning went for a lovely run around part of the seawall, for the first time, i felt smooth in my running motion, didn't have sore legs, and felt that I could get a few more KM's out of my body. However, I didn't want to overdo it so I kept to my plan and ran a quick 3 km (well quick by my standards - did it in a little over 20 minutes) and felt like I had broken through that damn brick wall and that I am on my way to continue training. So I have made a pact with myself to continue onto the training regime that was created by smart coach. I am not going to lie, I had every intention of blowing it off so that I could have "lazy" time after work and during the weekend, but then again I wouldn't be justifying spending that amount of money for no km's gained on my new joggers. After I happily completed my run MJ asked the question why is your blog called the "Confessions of a Lazy Athlete" when you aren't really lazy as you went out and trained. There are a number of reasons for why I decided to call it this. 1) I am generally the lazy type, unless I am working towards something, I generally won't put any effort in. I thought labelling myself a lazy athlete, I would be whipping my own butt into shape. 2) I am lazy in the sense that when I hit the peak of any athletic performance that I have been part of I am known to quit. This is especially true in the forms of Tennis, Netball & Cross Country all of which I excelled at in school but when I was about to get to the next level, I would quit and regret it a few years later (this isn't only true in Sport it is also true in other aspects of my life)....i don't want to label myself a fantastic runner, because I am far from it, but I like to think that I have the potential to be good, do good times, and qualify for races that I would only dream about. I hope that in one way or another, I can inspire people to do great things and encourage them to reach their goals. So these are some of the reasons for the naming of my blog....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shoe Shopping

One of my motivations for running in 1/2 marathons, is not only the experience, the medallions and the souvineer t-shirts, it is also the running apparel that goes with it. I consider buying new running clothing, shoes, fuel belts not a expense but a profit as I tackle the challenges that I put my body through. So I feel that I don't have enough of these items, so for me to be able to embark on my next 1/2 marathon, i thought that a new shopping adventure was in order. It is getting colder so i think that when i train in the mornings (ha, i think that it would be more like in the afternoon) i want to look like an actual athlete, wearing, hopefully not spandex, but clothing that actually makes me look fashionable (not size 20)and like an athlete. So on my journey this afternoon i plan on buying running shoes (which this time hope will be comfortable) and long sleve shirts and pants. I would also like to buy running gloves, which i am finding quiet the challenge to hunt down. So finger's crossed I will do all my purchases this afternoon so that then I will have no excuses to not train this weekend.....

BTW- Happy 6 Month Anniversary MJ <3

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Beginning

So................, it all first started when I signed up as part of Team in Training to do the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon for Charity. All went well I completed that race in 2 hours and 32 minutes - not bad for a first attempt at the half marathon distance....then W & N decided that going to Disneyland and doing the Disneyland half marathon would be a dream......i kept on making excuses not to train for that...me legs were too sore, i have had a hard day at work...it got to the point where i was being motivated by my bf MJ wasn't going to work either....we would run for one block and then walk the rest of the way talking about me making excuses not to run...............quiet often the sore leg excuse came up and before I knew it i was on that plane to Disneyland with about one hours training under my belt!!! Needless to say i didn't do a personal best at the Disneyland marathon...no amount of energy drink was able to make my super hyped and be able to complete the race in record time!!! The energy drink ran out half way around the course....i did a really quick 7.5 miles but then barely managed to run the rest!! The time that i did was nothing fantastic it was 2hours and 52 minutes....needless to say I was a little disappointed in myself....so....my next challenge is the Fall Half Marathon being held at UBC in Vancouver early November!! Have I trained for it yet? Why no of course I haven't but I will be and that is under the guidance of SmartCoach Training...will I do a personal best....no i don't think so.......will i train this time round............i hope so............will I be happy with my effort knowing that my training will pay off in the end.............it would be great :) So below is my training schedule for the next 5 weeks....i need to keep to it and quit making excuses....esp since W & I want to compete in a sprint triathlon and full marathon next year!!!


So yes I am a lazy athlete.... but I am determined to amends my wrongs and make them right and actually run a full marathon next year............my aim is to do the Seattle one in June next year.....fingers crossed no more injuries and lots more motivation.....