Volunteering 2012

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

I ran the race with all my heart, and kept going when my joints felt like they were on fire, I have never felt such pain, and every ounce of energy and hope in my body that I would get a PB in this race. I didn't get the PB I was after, in fact I got the slowest time in this race in particular since I first started racing it 3 years ago. Am I disappointed in my result? No I am not. I tried so hard, and my I lost my goal of 2:30 somewhere around the top of Prospect Hill, I was determined to defeat the hill today, but got half way up, and will as I might, couldn't urge my achy legs up the peak. Dehydration, and stomach cramps were bringing me down the last half of the race, I have never felt so ill during a race, no cups at 2 of the water stations that I passed didn't help, as I didn't have the time to give my water bottles for refilling,I was willing my legs to keep going so that I didn't have to stop running, with a fear that I may not start running again! I have never been so happy to see the volunteers cheering on the final few km's especially seeing one of my friends Tony, giving me a hi-5 and telling me to keep going. I let out a huge sigh of relief seeing the finish line banner, I have never been so happy to see the elusive finish line. I couldn't will my body to sprint, as I do at the end of all my races, I was completely spent, and one foot slowly in front of the other was all that I could manage.

After the race I had time to contemplate what I need to do to improve my time. The Scotia Bank half marathon in June will be my last race for a while. I need to work on getting my body healthy and happy again, I have made appointments with specialists to get my digestive distress in order, the sooner that I get personal issues figured out the better I will feel and then the more determined I will be to make a comeback into running. I think that now is a good as time as ever to focus on spending time with the BF after he has been my rock through everything over the past year putting his things on hold, so that he can come cheer me on in races and driving me around when I need to get places and races, and graciously meets me after races and takes me to brunch at Cafe Crepes. And funny now, I am at peace with my decision not to race for a while, and will continue to run, to keep active, but just not on a racing level.

On a side note, a huge congratulations to my running buddy Winnie, who did an amazing PB in the full marathon today. You did it girl, I am so proud of you, Boston qualifying is just around the corner for you! (p.S. - when you make it in, i will totally fly there to cheer you on!)