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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Things Thursday - Summer Plan Edition

I have been quiet lazy with my 3 things that I am greatful for each Thursday - is it bad that I feel like I have run out of things that I am greatful for? I know that I have a lot to thank for but sometimes it is hard to think of them, and write them down - so here goes a different way of doing it. This is the 3 things that I will plan to do during Summer!

Spend Time in The Great Outdoors!!
I plan on taking lots of Bike rides and hikes this year (perhaps throw in a little camping here and there), it is the same plan as last year, but hey life got in the way and I didn't achieve many hikes or any bike rides at all! This means that I get to spend more time with my adorable BF and we can actually take time out over the weekend to enjoy each other's company. He was lovely enough to buy me a Bike for my birthday yesterday, which I am so happy about, and now I am even more eager to get out and ride, and well drag him along with me. (I love you baby =D) I also have my first marathon coming up, which I am going to kick ass in (I won't do an overly impressive time, but as long as I finish I will be happy!!) in only 4 weeks time, I am over the freaking out, and into the excitement phase. I am looking forward to laying out my race outfit in the next couple of days and take it on training runs to make sure that everything is comfortable. The coach thinks that I am ready for this challenge, and said that there aren't many hills. I nicely pointed out to him, that the majority of the course is hills, and one with a huge elevation gain.

Take more photos
Last year I received a pretty awesome camera (thanks MJ =D) and I didn't use it as much as I wanted to. This year I plan to take more photo walks and see what I manage to come up with. I will even learn how to use different camera's and learn how to zoom properly. I may even finish up the photo album that I have been making for my father for the past year - it is a long overdue photo journal documenting my time in Canada as my dad doesn't have access to the internet to see my photos.

Scuba Diving
I brought an introductory Scuba Diving pass for myself at a discount price. Pretty keen to try this at least once =)

Oh and plan my trip to San Francisco for the Nike Womens Marathon. I like to plan a lot in advance so that everything runs to schedule. It may take me just about all summer to do it!!

Have a happy Thursday =)

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