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Friday, February 25, 2011

5 For Friday (Weekend Goals)

This weekend, I have five goals that I would like to achieve:


Run 8 miler Saturday. Last weekend the BF & I did a run/walk 8 miler and it felt good, I was so excited about doing it, and can't wait to tackle the same course again, before we bump it up a little to 12 miles the following weekend! I was really sore after wards and now know that I need to stretch more before and after the run. I'm super excited to be running the Sunshine Coast April Fools Half Marathon with him, his first longer distance event, he promised to run my speed, but I will be OK if he runs off without me :P This is how I imagine the run together to be:

(Picture courtesy of http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Tailbrush/)

Although, I know that it isn't going to be all prancing and happiness, there will be a lot of pain and complaining, from him me.

Goal 2:

Completely move out of my old place and move into the new, happier abode. I did enjoy my time spent with my old roomies, but I am super excited about the move in with the BF. I have practically been living there for the past few months anyway! Big leap of faith on his part I'm sure that he loves hates all my accessories, so I have to be extra diligent about what I keep, and what I throw. I have always had a problem with keeping things I didn't need, not hoarders like, but on the brink of becoming one! The worst part about moving is the cleaning that has to be done, only one room to clean but urgh. And then the unpacking after wards. I seem to lose motivation on that part, and now that we have got cable, my mind wanders!

Goal 3:

Have a great night out tomorrow night with the BF, our friend Dee and a few of her friends, doing this:
Jungle Swing. Dancer I am not, so it should be interesting to see how the night goes, I am all for hanging out with good friends and having fun :) (Makes me more motivated to unpack and clean after the move, so I can put my sore feet up after wards!) 

Goal 4:

Pot some seeds. I am wishing the warmer weather would come quicker, so I thought that I will encourage the warmth/sun gods by beginning the planting of some seeds so that we are ready to transfer them into the ground, come spring! I can't wait and hope that we have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables (btw, if anyone knows a place to buy a strawberry pot, fairly cheap, give us the heads up, please and thank you!) I am hoping that our garden looks a little like this (and yes I will be dancing around like below):

(Picture courtesy of http://www.herdaily.com/health/1795/how-to-grow-vegetables-in-your-own.html)

Goal 5

Bake some gluten free goodies, because I am not sick of experimenting just yet.  I will see how the Gluten free muffins turn out. The Kisses Cookies made for Valentines day, tasting pretty awesome. Also brought some Quinoa, which I am going to attempt to cook with as well. Nothing like changing diet!

Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. Good luck on your long run this weekend. Son #2 wants to do a half in a few weeks and we're working our way up as well.

  2. I can definitely say, you kicked butt at reaching your goals, yeah!