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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shoe Shopping

One of my motivations for running in 1/2 marathons, is not only the experience, the medallions and the souvineer t-shirts, it is also the running apparel that goes with it. I consider buying new running clothing, shoes, fuel belts not a expense but a profit as I tackle the challenges that I put my body through. So I feel that I don't have enough of these items, so for me to be able to embark on my next 1/2 marathon, i thought that a new shopping adventure was in order. It is getting colder so i think that when i train in the mornings (ha, i think that it would be more like in the afternoon) i want to look like an actual athlete, wearing, hopefully not spandex, but clothing that actually makes me look fashionable (not size 20)and like an athlete. So on my journey this afternoon i plan on buying running shoes (which this time hope will be comfortable) and long sleve shirts and pants. I would also like to buy running gloves, which i am finding quiet the challenge to hunt down. So finger's crossed I will do all my purchases this afternoon so that then I will have no excuses to not train this weekend.....

BTW- Happy 6 Month Anniversary MJ <3

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