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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Blues

It's sad to admit that I am suffering the blues, after a nice relaxing Christmas weekend! It is hard to get back to work, and back into normal routine, even though it was only three days. I had a great Christmas. On Friday night, a small group consisting of the BF, his sister and our friend Dee, had a roast dinner, and spent the night watching movies. On Christmas day I went back home to my housemates, where we exchanged gifts and then had a roast dinner (again, it was yummy and completely different foods). I then went back to the BF's house and exchanged gifts! I love all the gifts that I received, and felt very spoilt! A big thank you to my Blogger Secret Santa! I adored the reflective leg bands and the gift voucher to Forerunners! It was greatly appreciated, I can't wait to try out my things, and go shopping :) Hope that you all had a great Christmas, and that you are making big plans for the New Year!! (I didn't take any photos over Christmas, but will make sure to take New Years Photo's instead!!!)

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  1. Glad you got them! I was very afraid that something wouldn't arrive due to international shipping, so I had it arranged in two packages. I hope Forerunners is close to you - they were amazing to deal with. If I lived in Vancouver I would definitely shop there!