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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing Catchup!

So I finally have found a photo cable and now can upload the photos, so here are some photo's from the past month:

My bloggy Secret Santa got me this:

(which by the way is totally awesome, thanks Secret Santa!)

After Christmas and New Years we headed off to Victoria where I found this:

For a Masquerade Ball Surprise party that was last weekend

And these:

Brought new running shoes from Running Room in Victoria, the sales person was incredibly helpful. I have never tried New Balance shoes before, but they felt pretty much perfect when I tried them on...

Then we did this:

Went for a short run in Victoria, which was icy and slippery, but fun anyway!

Then last weekend we did this:

One of the most enjoyable parties I have been to, a Surprise Masquerade party (18th Century), where we danced the night away, they had historical dancers, who then taught us the basic steps!

Then on Sunday I did this:

Took my old runners out for their last run. They will go to charity in May, at the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon....

Then after the run we change our gym to Spartacus Athletic Club , which I am super excited about, because they have classes that I can join in with in comparison to our old gym, which didn't have much to offer.

One the weekend I also finished my first book:

Second Wind by Cami Ostman wasn't a bad read, and by the end of the book I was inspired by her, and hope to achieve my goals, like she achieved hers.

Today we did a short run, approximately 4kms. It was a speed work session for me, and I felt like I was really powering up the hills :) Then I attempted to foam roll on my IT band, ouch, but I know that the more "rolling" out and stretching out I do, the more beneficial it will be for me!

And tonight I plan to catch up on the latest edition of Runners World, can't wait for some inspiring stories!

I'm super excited that my friend Winnie and I (decided tonight) that we will be joining the Running Room run clinic together! Time for some hard training! Woohoo :)

Have a great evening!

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