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Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap

After a great start into the New Year, and following the training schedule to a T, a week and a half into it life went a bit pear shaped, so now I have to reassess goals, and also training plans. Here is what went down in January:

Week 1 - After a great New Years with the BF Friends, we were enjoying runs and training in general, we predicted 2011 to be a successful and productive year for the both of us! At the end of the week, we went to Victoria to celebrate my BF's birthday. It was there that I purchased my new running shoes (which I haven't really had the chance to use since coming back).

Week 2 - After getting back from Victoria, I look up how things are going back home in the website News.com.au. I am horrified to find out that Brisbane, is about to go under in a flood. Message my parents who say that they are going to the airport to go on Vacation to see my sister, and that it should be ok. Message my brother the next day he confirms that the house is about to go under, and my parents will loose almost everything. My parents house went under on 12th January (11th In Vancouver). I can't get much information on what has happened, as my brother is without power for 2 days, and everything has run out of batteries. Manage to call my Sister in Law who is near my parents house, and discuss with her what is going on, in between bouts of hysteria and sadness. Needless to say, I didn't get any training in, as I was more concerned with my parents and what I could do to help them. The Saturday of that week, we went to a Masquerade Ball Surprise Party, which was a blast, and had a great time.

Week 3 - Again, suffering still from what is happening back home, only managed one training run, I was trying to get plenty of sleep to make up for what I had been missing out on. Sad to say but the Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker, started lifting my spirits.

Week 4 - Didn't do much again, purchased a couch with the BF (moving in with him soon!!! YAY!!!) then went to the dentist only to find out that I need a few thousands dollars worth of work done on my teeth! :( So the hopes of doing plenty of races this year a dashed! Time to start budgeting so that I can make the most of the situation!

Here's hoping that February offers more happiness and productivity then what January did!!  I can't wait to dust off my runners and make the most of the rest of the year!

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  1. Wow. you've had a tough month. I'm so sorry! Here's hoping February is better to you!