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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Becoming A Mentor

I got some exciting news whilst I was at work today! I am going to be a mentor for the runners in the Summer Season of Team In Training. Team in Training is an organzation that raises funds into finding a cure for Luekemia & Lymphoma. They have made some amazing breakthroughs in the past years and a huge amount of credit goes towards the volunteers whom raise funds for this much needed cause. (http://www.teamintraining.ca/). I am really excited about this new challenge. I met many of my friends through volunteering in Team in Training last year and they helped me reach my goal of running my first half Marathon. At this stage I am unsure of which event I will be assisting in there are 2 running ones which are a possibilty. The Rock n Roll San Diego & The Rock n Roll Seattle. I will find out all the details on Sunday!! :) I trained again this afternoon. If you can call it training. I walked home from the train station. I did the 3 kms in 30 minutes which was at a brisk walking pace. The were also hills (argh I detest hills so much!) but half way along i got a niggling knee spasm which continued until i got home. I am not sure what is causing this, I have had knee troubles in the past, but this year I am determined no to succombe to any injury! Hey I just realised that this is the second post in 2 days....wonder if this will become a habit???

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