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Monday, March 15, 2010

In Love With Zensah

Yesterday was my real first hit out in a few weeks with the team. I had invested in Zensah compression calf sleeves and arm sleeves and felt that I should take them for a try.(http://www.zensah.com/) They worked so well that I thought that I could have kept on going, and I had to tell myself to stop at the last moment, before I did myself another injury. (And no muscle soreness today) I ran a comfortable pace with W (whom I absolutely had a ball with, it was so great to be running with someone and keep me motivated) we discussed what further races we were going to do, and we have both committed to join Team in Training next year in the Lavaman Triathlon, which will both be our first triathlon, so now its time to start saving for a bike. I have to confess that going to the gym with the BF is also helping my motivation, and am so glad that I am cross training as I feel that it has certainly given a positive impact on my body. Other then that, no real exciting news, I have brought my first triathlon magazine so that I can start to prepare my body for the challenge for the next year!!


  1. Weird - I saw your comment on my blog, and went to check out your blog, and found you writing about calf sleeves - I've been thinking about getting a pair! I'll have to check them out. And keep reading your blog - love the title :)

  2. Thank you for stopping D 26.2 and I appreciated your comments about TNT. I am glad to hear that it was such a rewarding experience. I am very excited to partake in this adventure. And how cool of you to do a triathalon! I think that is amazing.