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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Time

It has been so long since I have written in this blog - I guess that I don't think that there is really much going on at the moment. I have been temporarily injured which I hope doesn't last too much longer as I really want to compete in the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon. I have hurt my IT Band and Knee again after a bad run last weekend, and it has also caused my foot to hurt - which I am getting quiet concerned about. This week I had a rest week and only yesterday went back to the gym with the BF, and did the bike and a speed walk on the treadmill. Surprising today I woke up with no pain in my foot or knee, but did not run today with the team, as I was worried that I might aggravate the injury and cause it to become inflamed again. I am currently training under a new coach and am finding it very hard to adapt to his training method.

When I previously trained with the team our coach was very understanding and was always there for our every run and approached all the team to make sure that we were going ok. Our current coach likes running ahead of the team, and I sort of feel that he gets impatient with me because I take so long to complete the runs that he sets out - the rate of increase in distance is incredible and it makes me feel very pressured to run such a great distance in a short span of time since starting training again. Another thing that I have been having trouble is that I don't have anyone that I can run with this time round. I like have someone run with me, so that we can keep each other motivated and distracted from the training that we are doing.

I think that this is part of the reason that I stopped running last week. Yes I did injure myself but I have never quit before, I usually speed walk my way back to base. Last week I just stopped running and didn't even make it back to the team. I ended up catching a bus home, which I am now disgusted with. So hopefully next week I can get back to training - even though I am not happy with running 15kms so early in the season. In reality it will help me prepare for the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon which is in May and then I can take a step back and run the 10km Sun Run the week after (very excited about), which I am very proud to say my BF has agreed to run in it, which is his first official running race.

So this week I am going to have a very positive week. I will start training again slowly at the gym with the BF and might run the 15kms next Sunday with the team. I will also start eating healthy - my current job makes it hard for me to take the proper measures to ensure that I am looking after my body and fueling it for the days work.


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  1. I was getting ready to post on my blog about my hurt IT Band, so you're not alone. It's no fun.

    If you feel like you have too much pressure with the amount of running to accomplish in a certain amount of time, then you might want to check out this book: The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer. It talks about not worrying so much about your time, but focusing more on just completing the race.

    Feel better!