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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Inspiration

It has taken so long to write this post. I think that I definitely got the right heading for my blog! I know that I have to start pushing myself harder if I am to complete my goals of both running in the Vancouver Half Marathon & also the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. I know that I can do it, but I always tell myself that I can train harder and faster closer to the date of the race. The truth is that I only have just over 4 weeks to the Vancouver Half and then the week after I have to Sun Run which is only 10km's but at the same time, a week after running a half it is going to be a big ask! On Sunday I ran 12kms in just over an hour and a half. The thing is I could have pushed harder and I could have run faster. I was about to stop running completely at the 5km mark and walk back. I was cheering on the rest of the team. Then T ran past me. And I thought that if he can do it while undergoing Chemo treatment then I can do it being inspired by the team that are all relatively new to running! I continued running and ran the full 12kms. I am getting excited about the run this Sunday - going in with a new motivation and also a new inspiration.

3 of the TNT mentors got together on Tuesday night for a pedicure and also a catch up and talking about our next adventures once our duties are over for the Summer Season. W & I are going to stay on and do the Lavaman Triathlon next year with team in training, and are talking about signing up for "My First Triathlon" which is a chance for people who have never competed in the sport to get out and have a go. That event is in  August and is held at Harrison Hot Springs just out of Vancouver. The only thing that I am worried about is the bike ride, well since I don't own a bike, that will be my biggest hurdle.

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