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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am so incredibly tired today. I had great intentions for getting up early and going for a run, because I relized late last night that we have our Pot Luck/Motivation party tonight for Team in Training. I am really excited about this, I received great information from our meeting last year and hope to give the new runners tips on how to run in the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon, and hopefully will be able to pick up some tips myself. The reason behind the tiredness is not because of getting up early to go to the gym yesterday - which energized me all day, it was because of my housemate. I absolutely adore all my housemates and don't have a bad thing to say about any of them - except for last night. I am all for having friends over and partying it up, but I told this housemate that I was extremely tired and to try and keep the noise down after 10:30 - it was fair or so I thought. They stayed up playing video games way past midnight which should not have been a problem except that this person has an overly loud belly laugh and everytime I would be drifting off to sleep he would laugh and there goes my sleep pattern for the next few hours. Anyway - time to stop complaining and get back to it. I don't think that I will get up early for the gym tomorrow - I hope to get a decent sleep tonight so my sleep pattern can get back to normal!

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