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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Update

It's a bit late for the weekend update, but it is better late then never right? I did a 14km run on Sunday and felt good throughout. I was in minimal pain after-wards. I felt good throughout the run and enjoyed have a mental competition with myself - if I make it all the way to the hill without stopping (1km) I can walk up the hill, and if I make it to the Cafe, I can stop for a drink. Another mental competition was that there were other runners from my team behind me, and I tried to maintain my lead (although minimal) during the 14km's and would have came in before them but my legs were tightening up badly and then W caught up with me after doing the 18km run and she was in pain as well, so we walked the remaining 2km's with each other to keep each other motivated.

After the run, I began to analyze how my training is going. I am at the same pace that I was at last year before the event. And with just a little over 4 weeks to the half marathon I have to up my training. I want to beat my time from last year - even if it is only by a few minutes (which will be my personal best). I originally wanted to run around 2:15 but these are just dreams now, and don't anticipate a that time, although I will do everything that I can to achieve that run.

MJ realizing my need to focus on training has been the ever supporting BF and got up early this morning with me to go to the gym - this morning, I did the treadmill and also the bike - i only ran for 5 minutes on the Treadmill - I had a little shin pain (still from the 14km I think) and in that 5 minutes I did a fitness test. I am happy that I have gone from poor to below average and hope that when I do it again in a few weeks time I will graduate to the average level.

Tomorrow I will do light training in the afternoon - most likely a short run around the track and do some speed work. I am excited about the Easter Break coming up and hope to get some decent training in during the weekend (unless I am overcome with laziness, and honestly it wouldn't be me if this didn't happen).  Oh and I read today that the Seattle Rock n Roll marathon has sold out - eek 28,000 runners should be a great race and also a bit overwhelming!!

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