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Monday, April 12, 2010

Goals for the Week

This weeks it is time to put training first. Every second day I will be running in the gym, and on the alternate days I will be lifting weight. Saturday this week will be my rest day. I can't believe that the half marathon is only 19 days, it has gone by so quickly, and I have been focusing all my energy on making sure that my mentees are being catered for that it is sometimes, hard to remember that I also have to train (the celebrated their half way party on Sunday - so I was cheerleader for the day), needless to say that now that I am in full panic mode it is time to pound the pavement, and this year I just aim to complete the race, and I am not too concerned with what my time is. After the half marathon, I will have to continue the training as then I will have to focus all my energies on the Marathon in June, which I haven't seriously thought about yet!!! (give it a few weeks, and then I will be freaking out about that too!!)

My blog has been generously updated, by my adorable boyfriend, to make it more attractive.  You can check out his work here.

So off to bed now, early morning tomorrow off to the gym to do weights.