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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

After a tiresome week, and then having a relatively unhappy Friday night, I was ready to embrace the weekend for all that it was.

On Saturday the weather was kind of sad - it was raining and a little cold. MJ & I got up early (well early for a Saturday) and then went for a short run - really short we ran to the video store and then back to my house so that I could pick up my togs for a swim and then back to MJ house for brunch. In the afternoon I met up with W for the beginning of our training for our triathlon (which is next year - nothing wrong with getting in early and it is a great source of cross training) at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre for a quick few laps and then we wanted to explore the hot tub and possibly the sauna. After about 6 laps we decided that the hot tub was calling our name, so we went there to only discover that the pool was filled with about 12 men, so we went back to the pool and swam some more laps. After swimming about 700 meters we decided that was a good attempt for our first outing and for a two - nie, it was great value!! Afterwards we went for a lovely afternoon tea and split in preparation for the run on Sunday morning.

On Sunday I ran 11.26kms (could have done a lot further but didn't want to push myself too hard) in 1 hour 11 minutes (but I stopped for about 5 minutes for a bathroom break) - I am not as confident as I should be for the 1/2 but it is all preparation for the full in 8 weeks time and I am going to concentrate on that. In the afternoon MJ & I played some frisbee in the park - until I was too utterly exhausted to exert anymore energy on throwing a frisbee!

Was meant to get up early for a gym session - but decided last night that today will be my rest day and I will get back into it tomorrow morning where I will hit the gym and do inclines on the treadmill - Prospect Hill will not defeat me this year!!

That sums up my weekend - I thought that I would end my Monday posts with 5 songs that motivate me during a run:

1 - Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
2 - Hungarian (Bond)
3 - Weapon of Choice (Fatboy Slim)
4 - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
5 - Whyyawannabringmedown (Kelly Clarkson)

Have a good Monday night!!

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