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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Ok, so it is that time of the week again where I state the three things that I am greatful for.

1. Stubborness
I am happy been stubborn and I am greatful that I am this way. Just a little over 9 years ago my mole on my arm started bleeding. I went to the doctors and they said that there was nothing wrong with it - I made them take the mole out and it ended up being melanoma. I had to go back in and had 2 more surgeries to remove more skin around the mole. If I had not have stood my ground it would be a completely different story being told today, I would most likely be 6 feet under. I was the youngest diagnosed in the skin cancer clinic that I went to. I was 19 years old.  I am overly cautious now with my body, and when I don't feel well, I try to eliminate the cause for my illness, and if I can't figure it out I will see a doctor. I know that I am now at a higher chance of getting cancer again, so I have to be extra cautious now.

2. My Parents
My parents brought be back from the brink of destruction. When I was living by myself and going to uni, I had a pretty horrible housemate and she blamed me for many things, among them her bulimia and also being drugged when she went out (I was not a party goer, but I was meant to look after her or so her parents said!!) After my housemate moved out, I started finding comfort in food, and before I knew it, I was obese, and was slowly eating myself to death - chocolate & deep fried foods were my best friends. My parents came and picked me up and I moved back home with them, and mum and dad put me on a diet, slowly I began to lose weight and regaining self confidence. I still have about 20 pounds to lose to get to my idea weight, and sometimes I do slip back into my old ways, but they are becoming less these days.

3. Music
I started playing the piano soon after I learned how to read by myself for the first time. I find that music has a calming effect over me. I wish that I had of stayed playing the piano, but when studying for finals at school it was hard to keep up and concentrate on both. When i was younger I dreamed of writing my own music and performing it for others, these days I am rediscovering the joys of singing and listening to music again. One day I will write a song, not in the next few years, but eventually when I get my immediate goals settled!!

Hope that you enjoyed this edition of three things Thursday!!

It is getting very close to the BMO Vancouver half. I will be working at the expo on the Saturday and running/walking on a treadmill for an hour, to show that anyone can get exercise when they want to :)


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this! I like these posts of yours.
    Do you wear sunblock when you run outside, or do you have to do something more to protect yourself? How scary to have had cancer, and so young.

  2. Yes, I try to wear sunscreen when I know that I am going to be out all day. I have found that the weather over here is so different from Australia, so I have been a bit lazy on that account. When it is really hot, and there is a high UV rating, I try to stay indoors, but if I have to go out I try to slip, slop, slap (Slip on a long sleeve shirt, slop on some sunscreen & slap on a hat). It is pretty devastating. My sister and brother have also been diagnosed (not as advanced as mine was), and my aunt passed away from it (it grew into Stomach cancer). Thanks for reading =)

  3. Hi Babe! Where's your next Three Things Thursday? :) -MJ

  4. Just a reminder about Saturday's 5k run for Lynsey. I'm currently writing a post about it but just thought I'd drop you a reminder :-)